Lauren Widrick | Life Coach
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How can a coach help you?


Many of us have goals, dreams, and ideas of what fulfills us. We have bucket lists, and “someday” goals…for when life stops getting in the way.


A coach is passionately curious about this: What’s holding you back from having the life you want now?


A coach partners with you to examine limiting beliefs and roadblocks in your life.

Is it the idea that your safe, stable job is the only way to pay the bills?

Maybe it’s that world travel, culinary school, your dream relationship are for “someday”.


Or maybe, you have a great life, and you’re ready to upgrade to extraordinary.


We all default to limiting beliefs at times. It’s not called a comfort zone for nothing!
A coach will challenge and support you in stepping out of your familiar patterns, to do the thing that’s never been done, and to discover what’s really possible for you.


I’m interested in discovering your best, most incredibly empowered self, and helping you choose from there.
This is when you begin to astound yourself, and create the life that seems impossible today.

Schedule a complimentary coaching session with me, and experience the power of coaching firsthand.


What if you were empowered to create the life of your dreams? What if you were more confident and secure than you've ever been? What if the things you wanted came to you easily, and with delight? This is the power of coaching. Coaching is about creating. It’s about creating a life you love on purpose. We partner to discover your BIG dreams, and work together to break down barriers to living those dreams.


CEOs, athletes, entrepreneurs – the world’s top performers work with coaches to cultivate the best, most passionate versions of themselves. Executive coaches work with high-performing, high-potential individuals to reach higher, break through limitations, and exceed goals – all with a focus on career satisfaction and personal fulfillment. We partner intensively on your professional and personal development. We work to infuse your passions and talents into your career. We examine the synergies between your professional and personal goals, and create actionable plans to take your career to the next level.



Highly engaged, motivated, and productive employees. That’s the dream, right? Teams that click, employees that are fulfilled and thriving, a strong company culture. FUN. Organizational coaching provides a powerful opportunity to connect, teach, and excite teams about their mission. I bring a decade of business and leadership experience to my organizational coaching practice, and a talent for creating team breakthroughs.


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